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About Our Preschool

Nurture - Learn - Grow

St Osmund’s Preschool and wraparound care supports every child as an individual and provides a nurturing environment to support their learning and development. Our environment provides unique opportunities to inspire and engage the children’s natural curiosity through play extending their learning and development.
We are a team of dedicated professionals who ensure that every child feels secure within the setting and work together with families, outside agencies and the wider community to provide a positive start for the children.
Our aim is through our nurturing environment that all children in our care will become confident individuals allowing them to flourish in all aspects of their learning and development.

Our Educational Programs



Creativity is children’s unique response to everything they see, hear, feel and experience. Their responses can be physical, emotional, social, cultural or a combination of all of these.
The children have free access to different art resources, they can explore with paint, glue, fabrics & natural resources. We use a variety of child safe products for messy play for the children to experience different textures, smells and colour.

Moving to Music


There are opportunities to dance, sing and play instruments. Puppets and props are used to engage the children and they are supported with turn taking.
We have weekly sessions with JuJu and Ted, where Miss Julie takes the children through a programme of fun, engaging songs and rhymes to develop their communication, listening and attention skills.

Forest School


During our Forest School sessions the children benefit from engaging in positive experiences in an outdoor environment.
They have opportunities to be physically active, learn how to manage their own risks, use tools and develop a love for the natural world around them.
Forest School sessions happen in all weathers so appropriate clothing is necessary.



Yoga has many benefits for children such as helping to increase balance, coordination and core strength. It can also aid relaxation and promote a sense of achievement.
Yoga is performed through a story as well as playing yoga games. This helps children to trust, have more confidence and self-esteem as well as problem solving and working in partners or as a team.

Potty Training Academy


If you think your child is showing signs of being ready for toilet training, the first step is to discuss this with your child’s keyperson. You will be given a pack and advice from the key person on the best ways for you to support your child at home that mirrors the way we support at Preschool.

Oral Hygiene


Due to Covid-19, the children do not currently brush their teeth within Preschool, however we support and teach the children the importance of oral hygiene. We plan fun activities to support their learning in this area and encourage parents to the same at home. Please speak to your child's key person if you would like any support.

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