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Our Committee

Introduction to Committee Roles and Regulations

St Osmund's Preschool is a registered charity, run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents and carers of our children.

The Committee work in tandem with the staff to ensure the smooth running of our setting.

We depend very much on the goodwill of parents/carers and their involvement with the Preschool, whether it be donations for our cake sales or by joining our committee.

Each volunteer brings a wealth of skills which are invaluable in making St Osmund's the best preschool Salisbury city centre offers.

Without the Committee the Preschool would not be able to operate and would have to close. 

It is important to know that you do not need any direct experience to make a difference.

Can you spare a few hours a month? Join us!


Committee Members

Chantel Rowe


Gail Moore

Vice Chair

Beth Simkin-Park

Safeguarding & GDPR 
Compliance Officer

Jess Stokes


Maria Kalfas

Vice Treasurer

Shane O'Neill


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