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Hear From Our Families

Preschool Parent December 2022

Thank you all so so so much for everything you do for C. The change I have seen in him over the last term has been huge and it’s thanks to all your hard work as a team. Moving Charlie to St Osmund’s is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family. He is so happy with you all, it’s bringing out the best in him in everyway.

Work Experience Student Summer 2023

I wanted to thank you for the incredible opportunity to complete my work experience at the preschool under your guidance. Thank you for creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and for your guidance throughout my time here.

Preschool Leaver Parent July 2023

We cannot thank you enough for the last two and a half years, you have really given H the best start and we are so grateful. H has absolutely loved her time at preschool, which shows as she can’t wait to come back to see you all at Sunshine & afterschool club! You really are the best!! And we can't wait for T to start!

Preschool & Wraparound Care Parent 

We feel extremely privileged to have sent our children to St Osmund’s Preschool and they now regularly attend the Sunshine Club. St Osmund’s preschool is a truly fantastic setting that consistently puts the children first. The staff are always smiling and welcoming even through the pandemic. They work very closely with the children and always strive to provide a secure, loving and warm environment for them. My children have absolutely thrived there and we are so thankful for St Osmund’s!

Parent July 2023

Your kindness, patience and thoughtfulness go a long way into the loving care of J. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for all your hard work and big hearts. Thank you for helping J to explore new ways of doing things.

Breakfast Club Parent July 2023

Thank you to you all for all your help every morning at Breakfast Club and to Helen who is very understanding with all my emails! Wishing you all a beautiful summer and a very well-deserved summer break.

Parent July 2023

Miss Barbara, thank you so much for all you do for and with L, you’ve made the transition feel easy. We’re so grateful for the safe space you and the wonderful team provide for your little L to grow, explore and develop.

Preschool Leaver Parent July 2023

Dear Polly, Barbara and all, As we come to the end of this chapter, there aren’t enough words to express what your support, dedication and understanding has meant, not only for C, but also for me. You have been extremely supportive, you may not realise just what a blessing you have been. Thank you for being there whenever I needed a listening ear, a word of encouragement, or even a shoulder to cry on. My heart is filled with the upmost respect and appreciation for you. My family and I are forever grateful for everything you have done for C. Thank you all so very much.

Preschool Leaver Parent July 2023

Thank you all for all of your support in the last two years! We couldn’t have done this without you guiding and teaching L. He is a confident and smart person ready for primary school and that is down to you!

Preschool Leaver Parent July 2023

Dear all staff, A has progressed so much since the early days. You’ve helped her become this sociable little bee, to be independent, creative, confident, caring, and funny. Without you, this wouldn’t of been possible. You are all doing such a fantastic job! And I couldn’t be more proud to of sent my daughter here!

Preschool Family Dec 2023

Thank you so much for taking care of me with such love and patience.... you have helped me grow so much this term.

:Lot's of Love, C & her mummy & papa x 

Breakfast Club Family Dec 2023

Dear Helen and to Everyone at Breakfast Club,

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year!

Always grateful for everything you do for the three of us.

Lots of love, J, A & A x 

Preschool Family Dec 2023

Preschool Super Stars,

Merry Christmas. Thank you for all that you do.

With love from F, F & T

Preschool Family Dec 2023

Thank you all for looking after me and teaching me so much!

Lots of love from J & Family x 

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