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Wraparound Care

We run a Breakfast and After School Club for all children at Preschool and
St Osmund’s Primary School.

Wraparound care offers the children a warm and friendly welcome before and after school.

We ensure they have all have had breakfast in the morning and a healthy snack in the afternoon.

We strive to make their time with us fun and engaging offering activities that follow their interests and needs.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club opens at 7.30am and the children are offered a selection of fresh fruit, cereals and toast.

Wraparound Care Prices:

2 year olds £6.00 per hour

3 -11 year olds £5.75 per hour


They are able to serve themselves and eat together at the tables providing an opportunity to talk and prepare for the day.


When they have finished breakfast they are able to take part in a variety of activities inside or outdoors, before being taken over to school or starting their preschool day.

After School Club

We will collect your child from St Osmund's Primary School and take them across to the Afterschool club.

Afterschool Club runs from 3.15pm until 6.15pm

(5:15pm on Fridays)

Wraparound Care Prices:

2 year olds £6.00 per hour

3 -11 year olds £5.75 per hour

The children are offered a healthy snack and drink before taking part in different activities. The children can access different ball games, craft activities, messy play, have some quiet time to read or choose from a wide selection of resources.

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